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At Alice33 we offer collections of handmade jewelry, each piece is unique and reflects the talent, passion and pride with which they are created. We have jewelry for all tastes and occasions. You will fall in love with the beauty and originality of our creations and best of all: you can buy jewelry online easily, quickly and safely.


Be a positive image and inspiration to other women.

Jewelry For Women

We are a women's jewelry brand created by a passionate and visionary designer, with the goal of enhancing your exclusive style, elegance, transmitting light, shine and feminine touch. Alice33 offers a collection of unique and original jewelry, handmade, with quality materials and a combination of technique and creativity that make each piece a work of art that transmits a message of empowerment and satisfaction to the wearer. At Alice33 you will find everything from women's chains, necklaces with rhinestones and crystals, single and multiple rings, all designed to make you feel unique. Explore our online store to discover the wonders that Alice33 has for you. You deserve to feel beautiful and unique.